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Product Selection and Specifications






Every Whips-a-Daisy® has a three streamer (1-Color + White + Metallic) combination to maximize light refraction and visibility. The matching whip shaft covers and soft handle grips also provide the durability and quality in workmanship that you will appreciate and enjoy using for a long time. We can suggest the right-sized Whips-a-Daisy® for the most popular training uses…
Black Royal Blue Red Pink Lime Green Purple

6 Colors
Riding Bat
  • Riding
  • Desensitizing
Training Whip
  • Stall Safety
  • Ground Work
  • Riding
  • Desensitizing
Longe Whip
  • Longeing
  • Trailer Loading
  • Stall Safety
  • Ground Work
Color Size Item Number
Pink Riding Bat 20" WDB20PK
Training Whip 36" WDT36PK
Longe Whip 54" WDL54PK
Lime Green Riding Bat 20" WDB20LG
Training Whip 36" WDT36LG
Longe Whip 54" WDL54LG
Black Riding Bat 20" WDB20BK
Training Whip 36" WDT36BK
Longe Whip 54" WDL54BK
Purple Riding Bat 20" WDB20PP
Training Whip 36" WDT36PP
Longe Whip 54" WDL54PP
Red Riding Bat 20" WDB20RD
Training Whip 36" WDT36RD
Longe Whip 54" WDL54RD
Royal Blue Riding Bat 20" WDB20RB
Training Whip 36" WDT36RB
Longe Whip 54" WDL54RB
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