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Kathy Aromando grew up in a horse-oriented environment. Her father was a successful Hunter-Jumper Trainer and Instructor and provided Kathy with her solid foundation in riding at an early age. Pony Club, Hunter Shows and Fox Hunting were Kathy's childhood. As an adult, Kathy has successfully competed in Combined Training nationally through the Preliminary Level and has coached many students who have become successful competitors. Kathy takes pride in the fact that she has trained all her own horses from the ground up and turned some very problematic horses into extraordinary performers.


But more so with the difficult horses, Kathy recognized the challenge of overcoming poorly acquired habits and finding a pathway forward to develop a working relationship based on attentiveness and bonding—and not through pain and intimidation. The Whips-a-Daisy® became the training tool that supported Kathy's own beliefs and principles, and her horses mutually responded. It is designed to help horse-lovers of any discipline or experience-level to capture their horse's attention, foster mutual respect, and remain safe. Kathy is the Owner/President of Jump-Rope Enterprises LLC. Write Kathy with your comments, questions, training experiences and Whips-a-Daisy® stories (for any animal) by completing the boxes and clicking ~SUBMIT'" or sending an email to

Today, there is a lot of national and international attention being given to horse and animal whips that are being used in a multitude of competitive shows and performance events. Whether you are showing horses, sheep, goats, pigs or stock, you want your animals to perform to the best of their ability while minimizing the application of physical contact or pain. The Whips-a-Daisy® just may be the perfect training tool for getting the most out of all your show and pleasure animals. Caution: Acquaint your horse/ animal with the Whips-a-Daisy® on the ground first, BEFORE attempting to train with it. 

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